What is a custom home? - Cornerstone Homes
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What is a custom home?

What is a custom home?

Is it just us, or have certain words started to lose their meaning? We all are drawn to words like “hand crafted”, and “artisan.” When those terms are applied to a bag of processed chips, though, it is time to clarify our vocabulary.

When visiting tracks of model homes, you may have noticed the word “custom” thrown around quite a bit. In these “custom” homes one can choose paint colors, carpet, and perhaps a few surface materials. There may be several floor plans per neighborhood.

Not so with Cornerstone Homes.

The process of creating your custom Cornerstone Home starts from the ground up. Our design team gets the most from your lot, neighborhood, and city. The home is dreamed up with you in mind. Every wall, ceiling, door, and window is added to meet the design and budget goals that are uniquely yours. We guide you through the process, and share our expertise gained through the hundreds of homes we have helped create. Make as many—or as few—decisions as you prefer.

The end result is an estate unlike any other, and a reflection of your life and style. Your plan. Your custom home.

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